New SEO e-course: Amazingly Effective SEO

Amazingly Effective SEO online course (search engine optimization)

Today I’m really happy to announce that I’ve launched my first SEO e-course Amazingly Effective SEO on November 5th! (Registration is open!)

The Amazingly Effective SEO e-course is an extension of my recent Money Trees workshop. It will look at more in-depth ways to promote your website using SEO. It will also prepare you to use the leading platforms in the industry, so that you can really stand out on search engines!

Like with Money Trees, service providers who market their services online will get the most out of the online SEO course. The course will also prioritize the needs of small businesses and new entrepreneurs.

SEO e-course details and format

During the SEO e-course, we will discuss topics like:

  • How to make your keywords both natural and effective
  • Where to put most of your SEO efforts for maximum return
  • Why some websites do better than others in search engines, and how to make sure yours does amazingly!

In terms of format, two main elements make up the online SEO course. The first of these is an instructional video with the lesson itself, which is available to students on an ongoing basis. The second element is the workbook, in PDF format, which students can also access throughout the e-course and beyond. This workbook will be easy to print at home, if desired, or you can use it digitally. Once you complete your registration and the online SEO course has launched, you will have lifetime access to the e-course. This will allow you to complete it at your own pace.

Registration for the Amazingly Effective SEO e-course is now open, so you can reserve your spot today by clicking here!

I look forward to seeing you there!

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