SEO link-building emails


We’ve all heard that backlinks are important for SEO, but how do you get a high-quality backlink from a large website? This swipe copy contains email templates to request a link or a partnership that will allow you to link back to your website. This package contains 9 email templates for 5 different situations, making sure that you’re covered for the essentials of SEO backlinking!


We know that backlinks are important for SEO, but if you’re not sure how to request a link from a website, this swipe file is for you! It includes email templates for the most common situations you’ll come across when approaching website owners for backlinks.

For example, this swipe copy contains:

  • Cold emailing strategy & email templates
  • Email to request a link from someone who knows your work
  • How to ask for someone to replace their existing link with yours
  • Template to propose a partnership or guest blog post
  • Thank you emails for webmasters that link to your website

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